2017 Team Q&A’s

The Ctrack Marines, champions of the 2015 race, will be participating in their third race this year.

What are your 2017 goals?
As the 2015 champions, we are naturally looking forward to winning the regatta again. We know we are facing some tough competition though, so may the best team win.

What is the most valuable aspect of this event for you?
As a company, this is not only an invaluable opportunity for us to network with key players in the insurance industry, but also to treat our long-standing clients to an unforgettable weekend. With the high calibre of insurance corporate contestants participating, our partnership makes perfect sense. Of course, winning the race for the second time will also give us well-earned bragging rights.

What was your best takeaway from the event?
The opportunity to connect with key players in the industry and solidify good stakeholder relations.

What are some of the most memorable moments from previous regattas?
Being the 2015 champions, of course; but also the fun moments experienced with our stakeholders in a relaxed environment. It is an honour to be a part of the biggest sailing event this side of the Atlantic.

Altech Netstar finished in third place last year, building on their performances in
2014 and 2015. They are specialists in stolen vehicle recovery solutions and plan to
steal the show this year.

What are some of the highlights of this event for you?
The unique experience that we share with the rest of the industry and business partners.

Did you make new contacts or secure any deals from previous events?
Many new relationships have been built at the regatta, all of which have the possibilities of doing future business together.

Any advice for first-timers on how to make the most of this event?
Be fully involved in all the activities and make sure that you are buckled up for a thrilling ride.

What are the team goals for this year’s event?
If we get the same boat as last year, our aim will be to get that darn spinnaker sail up, head for the right buoys and possibly figure out what a ‘sheet’ is.

What value do you get from the RISKAFRICA Regatta?
It is a great experience to take both your team and your customers and test the boundaries of interpersonal relationships. Add to this a propensity to do silly things and you have a winning mix. Clients are now our good friends and partners, and we have some great memories to draw on. It’s the perfect event to catch up, meet a few new people, relax and enjoy sailing a small part of our beautiful country. It’s a great opportunity to network.

What are you looking forward to this year?
We were successful last year in proving we have a good breed sailing talent, young and old, and we intend to continue our fine tradition of introducing ‘naughtycal’ concepts to a whole new group of partners.

Lessons from the 2016 regatta?
We entered the race last year with great excitement and very little sailing knowledge. We learnt that you need to put your bigger guys in the team at the back, winding the winch where little movement is required. The guy in the front of the boat and the guy driving the boat should have some sort of radio communication; instructions via the broken telephone wire yielded some interesting veering off in entirely the wrong directions.

A good navigator is essential. Having sea rescue come and find us on the Friday night was certainly a hilarious moment, albeit freezing. Our most exciting moment involved a band called the Flock of Seagulls, a song called ‘I ran’, and the lesser known hit by the Ostriches called ‘I flew’ – sorry, you had to be there!

What are the team goals for this year’s event?
We would like to integrate what we have learnt from previous events and improve on our past performance in the race.

What value do you get from this event?
There are countless opportunities to genuinely connect with current and prospective industry partners in an incredibly spirited environment!

What are you looking forward to the most this year?
Having even more fun than last year (if that’s even possible!) and to really working together and immersing ourselves in the entire exhilarating experience.

What can we expect this year?

It’s always very exciting for Team Purple Tides to participate in the RISKAFRICA Regatta, the only corporate sailing event in the country. After third overall in 2015 and a close second overall last year, this year we aim to take top honours!

While the regatta is a serious yacht race (and we can hardly wait to go to sea and show our mettle), there is so much more to it than that. It’s also a golden opportunity to showcase the Hollard brand in a highly visible way, as well as network with like-minded people and potential clients. We are all about both work and play. So, without doubt, expect a competitive, dynamic and very colourful Hollard presence at this year’s regatta.

What keeps you coming back to this event?

It’s easy to see the RISKAFRICA Regatta as simply a jaunt, but there is a sound, serious business case to be made for Hollard’s participation. We get to fly the Hollard flag high – quite literally – throughout the high-visibility event, and rub shoulders with high flyers in the world of business. Both of these aspects deliver bottom-line returns to Hollard over the short and long term.

Plus, we’re a very competitive bunch. With our yacht Hollard Jacana and its crew – the current Royal Cape Yacht Club Division 1 champions – we think we have got a great chance at taking overall line honours this year. 2015’s third spot and last year’s tantalising second placing have only made us more determined to triumph in the 2017 regatta.

That said, RISKAFRICA’s keeping things interesting. A development this year is that each team will be allocated two yachts, which adds another dimension as the combined scores of the two vessels will determine the overall team positions.

What is the importance of team building in a company such as Hollard?

The team is everything at Hollard: by working closely together, enhancing each other’s strengths and minimising each other’s weaknesses, we combine individuals into a cohesive, potent business force.

The RISKAFRICA Regatta compels our people to work as a team in a high-impact, competitive environment, bringing out the best in them, and fostering deeper respect for, and understanding of, each other. A Hollard team that sails together will work better together and have great fun in the process.

And the role of networking in our small industry? 

Networking is vital to the success both of Hollard and the insurance industry in general. It allows for like-minded people to meet and engage in a less formal atmosphere, to exchange ideas, share information and cement the friendships that underpin future business opportunities.

Even in this day and age, where digital interaction can be more convenient but less personal, face-to-face networking events such as the RISKAFRICA Regatta play a significant role in creating lasting impressions and lining up solid business possibilities.

You guys must have a thing for desserts in sponsoring the dessert table every year?

Everyone enjoys an occasion and the RISKAFRICA Regatta is just that! There is no better way to top an occasion with a decadent dessert. We have learnt that the proof is in the pudding and our dessert selection always goes down a real treat.

What can we expect this year?

This year will be no different. Guests can expect something on trend and without a doubt, decadent and delightful.

What keeps you coming back to the regatta?

The RISKAFRICA Regatta is such a unique event, which truly stands out from other industry events. This premier event is a great opportunity to network with clients, colleagues and friends within the industry. The RISKAFRICA Regatta is all about having fun and enjoying the awesome experience of being out on the open water in one of the most picturesque settings our country has to offer.

What is the importance of team building in a company such as Oakhurst?

Camaraderie. We embrace and encourage opportunities to establish firm, committed and long-standing relationships. 

Decided on a team name? 
Yes, the iPlatform Trailblazers!

Anyone on the team have any sailing experience? 
We know how to make a good sale, but sailing: no.

Any prep prior to the event? 
We know not to use the word ‘rope’… we use lines and sheets, and halyards to hoist the sails.

Expectations of the event? 
A good time and some great sailing! Looking forward to exposing our Solutions-as-a-Service offering to this dynamic industry we form a part of.

The message you want to get across to other insurance attendees? 
We are a team of technology pioneers that know the industry well and are here to listen and help enable a modern insurance community. Anyone who is part of the community can now link up on our digital insurance marketplace.

What’s your take on the importance of face-to-face connection in terms of doing business and forming partnerships in an ever-increasing digital space? 
Face to face is even more important than it was before. The more connected we are, the less human interaction we have. A balance of digital and person-to-person networking is key: tech is the enabler, but is not as effective without relationships established on trust and experience.

The RISKAFRICA Regatta is known for being a great opportunity for fun and team building, but also for networking. What pulled you to this event? 
It is largely an opportunity for networking and brand leverage.

How important is face-to-face communication in our industry? 
As the majority of our business is intermediated, face-to-face communication is critical.

What’s the plan for dominance at the regatta? 
No plan for dominance… We just want to use this opportunity to network and to leverage our brand. 

What has drawn you back to the regatta?
We’ve found it to be an excellent event for us to get brand exposure on the Cape territory.

 Lessons learnt from last year, with regard to sailing and networking
Hold on tight … unless you’re up for a shooter … in which case you should fall in the water…

 The importance of networking in an insurtech age?
Business is made of people and, in our industry, some really amazing people. Networking opportunities are so important to ignite and fuel the relationships we have with these amazing people.

 How does the regatta lend itself to networking?
With the event being so experiential you really have the opportunity to get to know everyone and form a connection through the joint experience. There is nothing better than some excellent memories between you to solidify business relationships.

 Projects and products that you want to share with peers at the regatta?We are really excited to be opening our Cape Town office this year and can’t wait to be delivering even more to our brokers in this region.

 Last words to your competitors?
We are the Bidvest Insurance Sea Warriors, by day and by night we fight to win … are you ready for us?

What are some of the highlights of this event for you?
The unique experience that we share with the rest of the industry and business partners.

Did you make new contacts or secure any deals from previous events?
Many new relationships have been built at the regatta, all of which have the possibilities of doing future business together.

Any advice for first-timers on how to make the most of this event? 
Be fully involved in all the activities and make sure that you are buckled up for a thrilling ride.