2016 Team Q&A’s



Regatta debutants Profida, aka ‘The PROFIDIAN And their Sailing Squirrel’, is looking to launch straight from the starting blocks! Although newbies, these software solution specialists are confident that they will give the rest of the fleet a big go on race day. Watch out for their secret weapon: the Sailing Squirrel! Profida’s Helga Hellenberg gives us the rundown.

Preparations for the 2016 event?

We have an extremely enthusiastic team that’s raring to go, along with our not-so-secret weapon – our Sailing Squirrel. He will be giving us vision, direction and inside tips to win this race. We have an exceptionally avid and experienced sailor on our team, who will be guiding and motivating us. The rest of us have visualised ourselves sailing and getting it right. So, mind over matter is more than half of the job done.

What do you look forward to the most?

We look forward to working together as a team and enjoying a thrilling race in perfect sailing weather conditions as well as the opportunity to exercise our lungs and vocal chords in the war cry challenge.

What value do you get from this event?

For us, it is about forging and strengthening established and new relationships with industry partners, while having an incredible experience, partaking in the race and the festivities around the race. We cannot wait!

Entelect Software


Another team that’s participating in their maiden RISKAFRICA Regatta voyage is Entelect, aka ‘Entelect Explorers’ – a company that provides customised software solutions to the financial services sector. This is a team that prides itself on having the competitive edge in the market. They will look to transfer that edge to the water. Entelect Software CEO Mark Beets explains.

Preparations for the 2016 event?

We have got a stringent gym routine that all of the team members are following. We’re also eating the Baron Method diet (specifically designed by Tim Noakes), which will make an Olympian gold medallist’s diet and workout routine look mild in comparison (laughs)!

What do you look forward to the most?

Not only it is a fantastic socialising and networking opportunity for us, but it’s exciting being down in the Cape for a premier event like this. It’s great meeting a group of people who share the same passion for our industry – all in one particular place. We look forward to the awesome scenery and picturesque setting of the Royal Cape Yacht Club – it’s something completely out of the ordinary.

What value do you get from this event?

The team gets to go down to Cape Town and be a part of something that’s unique and different from the regular corporate-type functions – that in itself adds tremendous value. When travelling, we don’t often get to experience all the wonderful sights and sounds of the Mother City. It’s great to escape the bustle of Johannesburg for a bit and do some business in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while being able to network with partners and other key industry players. It offers an opportunity to build and forge new relationships with dynamic people.

Altech Netstar


It’s not Altech Netstar’s (aka Nautical Netstar) first RISKAFRICA Regatta rodeo. With strong finishes in 2014 and 2015, these specialists in stolen vehicle recovery solutions and services are sailing for glory in 2016 and will settle for nothing less than number one. Altech Netstar’s Carol Leresche chats about her team’s chances.

Preparations for the 2016 event?

Altech Netstar is known in the industry as leaders in vehicle tracking and recovery. We are conditioned to be leaders in all avenues we pursue. That covers mental preparation and we will be leading from the front. On the physical side, we’re hoping our crew is young, healthy and fit. We will delegate.

What do you look forward to the most?

It’s good to see the insurance industry participating and competing against each other on a different level. The camaraderie is remarkable. New friendships are established, and testosterone levels shoot through the roof as colleges, friends and acquaintances battle it out. We look forward to rubbing shoulders with old friends again.

What value do you get from this event?

This is a unique platform for networking opportunities and maintaining relationships with existing clients. We value the time away from screaming babies, irritable teenagers and the hustle and bustle of the malls.



Last year, Xperien, aka ‘Gatsby Gangsters’ – leaders in secure IT asset disposal services – attended the RISKAFRICA Regatta as VIP guests. However, having witnessed all the fun and thrills from the deck of the VIP boat, they knew that they simply had to participate this year. Watch out for team Xperien, a true underdog at the 2016 edition. Marketing manager Thabang Moye rates the team’s chances of success.

Preparations for the 2016 event?

There’s been quite a bit of physical training amongst our team. They have either been busy pumping iron in the gym and getting their cardio up on the bicycle. But mentally, we’ve been slowly (and patiently) cultivating a winning attitude within our team.

What do you look forward to the most?

It’s our first time participating at the RISKAFRICA Regatta, so we’re extremely excited at the prospect of competing against other teams. We look forward to the war cry battles and seeing how other teams have prepared for the weekend. We can’t wait to race and win!

What value do you get from this event?

As a company and team, our aim is to entertain and accommodate our clients, do some networking in a fantastic atmosphere and setting, and it’s also an excellent way to do some company team building.

Insure Group Managers


If you’ve seen Insure Group’s war cry video, you know that they mean business this year! After a successful maiden Regatta voyage last year, the ‘Insure Group Viking’ is adamant to sail for victory in the 2016 edition. They’ve been around for more than 20 years with a particular focus on financial services and have tasted success in the industry. Once they’ve got their eye on the prize, there’s no stopping the ‘Insure Group Vikings’!

Preparations for the 2016 event?

We’ve spent countless hours huddled together in sacred spaces to conjure up the team spirit that will lead us to victory. Each member is being drilled to uphold, foster and enhance the true spirit of being a Viking and fly our flag at this prestigious event. At the end of it, the name ‘Insure Group Vikings’ will be the only thing standing. Physical preparation is harsh – running between offices, no walking. No internal emails between two floors (climb the stairs). Our special ‘bootcamps’ will take care of the rest; follow us on Twitter @Insuregroup or Facebook to see the results.

What do you look forward to the most?

Getting out there and having all out fun! Using the opportunity to participate alongside our fellow competitors and sharing the excitement of the race with them. Our vikings can’t wait to get on the water. At Insure Group Managers we work hard…this is our time to play even harder, having our head office in Johannesburg we can’t wait to get our feet wet.

What value do you get from this event?

Building a remarkable team spirit, not only within the vikings but with our entire company behind them. Each team member gets the opportunity to experience something they will probably, under normal circumstances, never get to participate in. As a company, the exposure our brand receives at this prominent event is extremely valuable. It’s a fantastic way to display our serious business brand in a light-hearted and sociable way.



Ctrack, aka ‘The C-Track Marines’, is in the business of vehicle tracking, fleet management and insurance telematic solutions. But they’re also in the business of winning! Having kept a watchful eye on previous years’ regattas, they know what to expect and believe they have a winning recipe and a few surprises up their sleeve. Leane du Plessis, Ctracks’ public relations and content specialist, talks about the team’s chances this year.

Preparations for the 2016 event?

Whether facing a friendly competition or tough business situation, Ctrack has always been known to tackle any challenge with determination and fervour. Our team, The Ctrack Marines, is fighting fit and ready to compete with the best of the best for the second consecutive year.

What do you look forward to the most?

As the 2015 champions, we are naturally looking forward to winning the regatta for the second time in a row. We know we are facing some tough competition, though, so may the best man win!

What value do you get from this event?

As a company, this is not only an invaluable opportunity for us to network with key players in the insurance industry, but also to treat our long-standing clients to an unforgettable weekend. Of course, winning the race for the second time will also give us well-earned bragging rights…

VIP BOAT Sponsors

Genric Insurance Company


Since 2005, Genric has shown an unwavering commitment to its clients by providing high-quality niche insurance solutions with a reputable and well-established stable of UMAs. This year, they will look to do the same by showing their clients a wonderful time (and catering/accommodating their every need) on one of the VIP boats. CEO Cornel Schoeman elaborates.

What do you look forward to the most?

We are looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the big role players in the insurance industry. This is the second time we will be sponsoring the VIP boat and are very excited to be a part of it again. We also look forward to meeting interesting people and seeing old friends we met through the regatta.

What value do you get from this event?

The RISKAFRICA Regatta is a great networking opportunity that allows us to create long-lasting partnerships with clients, new and existing.



Q: How are you preparing yourself (physically and mentally) for this year’s RISKAFRICA Regatta?

Well, we have started off with a daily dose of essential followed by a quick yoga session and a nice hearty breakfast.  Every Monday, Wednesday and alternate Friday we have a team strat meeting, where we go over who it is that we are looking to pin into a corner and force to listen to the phenomenal things we have to say.

Q: What do you look forward to the most at this year’s RISKAFRICA Regatta?

This year, GRiP has opted to partake as one of the VIP Boat sponsors and, therefore, I think we are most definitely looking forward to having the opportunity to mingle, connect and strengthen the existing relationships we already have. A few little refreshments while on the water in Table Bay definitely sets the mood for a great time.

Q: What value do you get from this event, personally and as a company?

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy listening to the stories, the experience and the know-how of those who have been around for some years. As a company, it’s always a highlight to see and hear that we are indeed making a hugely successful impact on the industry and take any and all opportunity to continue to grow and make those new connections.